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The Mike Reid Softball Tournament

Background and History

Mike Reid was a big part of the softball community in Greenfield Park. When he passed away in 1984 from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, his friends and family decided to try to keep his memory alive by hosting a charity softball tournament.

The tournament took place on the same ball fields where he regularly watched his dad and his friends compete. The goal of the tournament would be to raise money for the school that he attended where he left behind many kids with similar physical disabilities. The extra funding would provide some necessary funds to help improve their quality of life. The first tournament was held in 1985 with 8 teams.

In the beginning, the committee consisted of Mike's mom Linda Bremner, his father Frank Reid, sisters Susan and Kathryn Reid, his best friend Wade Wilson and Gary McLarnon.

It was a small event but a great success. In the following years, many more people wanted to get involved and it became an annual event in Greenfield Park. So much money was raised that the committee decided that we could also donate some money to local organizations and help out the community that was so important to Mike growing up.

The committee changed over the years and many friends and family members got involved. In 2008, Frank Reid became ill and leadership of the tournament was turned over to Mike's childhood friend, Wade Wilson. A year later, Mike's sister Kathryn, became President of the tournament. Along side of Wade and Kathryn, there is a committee of eight people and over 100 volunteers committed to making the tournament happen each August.

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Facts about the Tournament
  • The tournament is played over 4 days beginning Thursday evening. Tournament times are 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.
  • Wade Wilson, Mike Reid's childhood friend has been tournament chairman since 2008. Kathryn Reid, Mike Reid's sister, has been tournament president since 2010.
  • There are 36 Men's teams and six Women's teams competing every year. Due to time restrictions, this is the maximum number of teams that can compete. There is usually a waiting list of teams wanting to compete, if a team backs out.
  • There are trophies for Men's Division A and Division B winners. A Women's Division Trophy. Trophies for Men's Division MVP, Women's Division MVP and best pitcher in the tournament.
  • The tournament raises about $50,000.00 each year for the MacKay Centre School and other local charities. Amount varies depending on the weather.
  • In August 2022, the tournament surpassed the $1,000,000.00 mark in money raised for the MacKay Centre School and other local charities.
Fun Facts and Trivia
  • In recent years, the tournament averages 340 cases of beer, 130 dozen hot dogs, 85 dozen hamburgers, 50 dozen sausages and 50 dozen souvlakis sold at each tournament!
  • People (and teams) come from all over Canada to compete in the tournament. Most grew up in Greenfield Park and come back to support the cause.
  • Eight teams competed in the first tournament back in 1985. Due to its popularity and the cause, that number increased to the maximum of 36 men's teams by year four.
  • We don't count but we average about 3,000 unique visits over the 4-day tournament. Many are there for all four days of the tournament. The busiest day is always Saturday.
  • A golf tournament is held in conjunction with the softball tournament. It started in 2012. The tournament is played on the Friday morning of the Mike Reid Weekend. It is called the Frank Reid Memorial Golf Tournament, in memory of Mike's father who passed away in 2012. Money raised at the golf tournament also contributes to our cause.


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