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The Mike Reid Softball Tournament has been raising money for the children at Montreal's MacKay Centre School since 1985. The money has enabled a great many children to participate in exciting and educational extracurricular activities that would not have been possible otherwise. Trips to Ottawa, Quebec City and as far away as Florida and Arizona for special events, not to mention numerous day trips within the Montreal area, have all been made possible through the efforts of the tournament's organizers and supporters.

In more recent years support from the tournament has assisted children in attending Mackay's summer camp as well as providing much of the funding for the exciting Michael Reid Resource Room, which is designed primarily to provide information and support to parents of disabled children and adolescent and adult users.

Background on The MacKay Centre School

MacKay Center School logo.

MacKay is a private rehabilitation and educational center located on Terrebonne Street in Montreal. Its history dates back to 1869 with the founding of the Mackay School for the deaf. The Center's present mission is twofold:

• To maximize the potential for independence, autonomy, and success for children with disabilities or who are deaf or hard of hearing and to prepare them for participation in their schools and communities to the fullest extent possible.

• To be a center for deafness and to provide appropriate services to deaf and hard of hearing adults.

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How to donate to The Mike Reid Tournament

At this time, we cannot accept donations through PayPal. We can only accept cheques.

Mail your cheque to:
Mike Reid Memorial Softball Tournament
832 Andrien Street
Greenfield Park, Quebec J4V 3L4
Cheques should be made out to "Mike Reid Memorial Softball Tournament." Receipts available upon request.